Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Update!

I had my baby shower a few days ago. It was soo nice, lots of great desserts, a very cool diaper cake, and many friends. I am so grateful for those who had a hand in putting it together. I could not have asked for anything more. I received so many cute clothes, quilts , hair bows and two very sheik wipes containers. It is a blessing being surrounded by so many talented people that can create such fun things for little girls!  Oh, and I also received new bedding, which I was totally surprised. I had picked it out and mentioned it to Rachelle, but to my surprise family and friends purchased it for us and I already have it in her room. I will have to post pics later of the shower and baby's room when it is done.

A belly shot for my sister Tracy!

Cade and Josh also finished up their first season of basketball. It was a lot of fun watching them play they really enjoyed it. They looked forward to every practice and game! Josh ended the season with fun treats and a medallion his coaches gave him. Cade ended with a swim party at his coaches house (thanks Troy and Deidra), with pizza, cake and trophies.

Cade also lost his two front teeth this month. He was very excited about it. One tooth had been dangling for awhile and Cade would not let any of us touch it. We went over to Jon and Rachelle's one evening and after talking to his Uncle Jon for a couple minutes Cade let him pull it right out!  We still don't know what he said to him. 


Tracy said...

Very cute! Holy cow your belly is huge :)

chanel said...

hi there
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY- AND girl!!!! SOOOO FUN!!! how special for your cute family.
when are you due?

loosing teeth is super cool, we're experiencing it too. amazing that our kids can be so big already!

say hi to jason for us.

i'll be checking in more often now to see when your little angel arrives. :) take care!!!

Brittany said...

I enjoyed the update and all the pictures! Your shower was so much fun! I can't wait to meet your new little one!:)

cechols said...

Don't listen to Tracy! Your belly is not huge, it's cute! I can't wait to greet the new baby! -- Thanks for coming to visit us Friday night! We had a good time, sorry Cade got scared of Thriller!!