Saturday, February 7, 2009

Track Break!

Cade and Josh have been on track break for a couple of weeks now. They have enjoyed being out of school. We have set up lots of play dates, went to kids club at the mall, park, visited grandmas, etc. I have even been making them help me rearrange furniture upstairs, since I can't move anything heavy right now, they have been good little helpers! We moved Cade into his own room! We'll see how that goes. The boys have all been sharing a room, but it is getting too crowded, so he is excited to get his own room and Josh is excited to get to sleep in the top bunk. Everybody's happy!
We also had a lot of fun last weekend, my sister Laura and her family came to stay with us. She has triplets, that are 5 years old. The kids had a blast playing together. We had our primary activity at 8:00 Saturday morning and Cade and Josh's basketball games, we went to Boulder City and had lunch, fed fish at Lake Mead and also took the kids to the park.Jason and Steve even found time to go cycling with the deacons from our ward. I taught Relief Society on Sunday so by the time Sunday afternoon came we were all pretty tired so it was nice to come home and relax on the couch, while watching an exciting Superbowl game!


Tracy said...

Track break? Come visit me! You can watch my kids so I can go on vacation! Why didn't you blog about our crazy sister screaming during the basketball game? You need to post pics of how big you are now! This is the only time you weigh more than I do :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Elizabeth Dover here, I found your blog by way of seeing it on one of our friends sites. I have mine set on private but I would like to add you if that is ok. E-mail me your e-mail address and I will invite you. It is Have fun on track. Alissa just got off hers. I am so glad to feel like we are back to having a normal routine again. said...

Hey Susana and Jason,
We are thinking of moving into your neighborhood. I see your boys are 6 and 5...i also have a 6 and 5 yr old boy. anyway, I want to ask you about your ward. would you email me at ?
Emily Earl Nelson