Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break!

We are having a fun spring break, so far!  We started out by having a fabulous relaxing weekend watching general conference. The talks were so inspiring. It made us feel so grateful for all that we have. My favorite talk was by Elder Holland on the Atonement. 

The boys have had two Easter egg hunts this week. The first was across the street from my in- laws, an annual Easter egg hunt from our old ward. The other was with our ward at a nearby park. The weather was beautiful both days. The boys even got a little sun burned! 

I also forgot to mention that 2 weekends ago while visiting my parents and siblings, I was talked into getting a dog! My sister Julie mentioned before we went down that her friends had a dog that they wanted to give to us. I wasn't sure I wanted the responsibility, being 5 weeks away from having a baby! But the boys wanted him sooo badly and he is a really good dog, I decided to bring him home. His name is Ron. We thought of changing it, but the boys were sure that we could not, so it is still Ron or as they call him Ron Ron or Ronny. 

Jason left this morning to Zion's to take the boys camping. They went with Grandpa Abbott in his big truck. They were so excited, I was also excited for them and also for me, I get a day to myself. I will be meeting up with them tomorrow in St. George. And yes I am taking the dog, wish me luck on our first trip with the dog.  
                                                Cade, Josh and Luke in Grandpa's Truck.


Tracy said...

How could you not call me and tell me? Are you crazy? Are you trying to drive yourself insane? I can't even yell at you properly. I'll have to call you. Holy crap!
The pictures are cute, but I'm still going insane about Ron!!!!

jamie t. said...

What beautiful weather it looks like you guys are having. I am glad that you're family is doing well and I can't wait to see that baby girl. Congrats on the dog. I bet the boys will have so much fun with him.

Brittany said...

I'm glad your Spring Break is going well... we've had great weather this week! You should win mom of the year for getting a dog! My poor kids... they want a dog, but I am not that nice! :) Maybe when they are older. Hope the camping trip goes well!

Lesley said...

Fun Easter egg hunts! Good luck with the dog! I am sure your boys will love it!

Elizabeth said...

Hope your trip goes well! What fun things a new dog, a new sister, your kids must be so excited for all these fun changes.