Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall is here!!

More than a month since i have posted, lot's to say! Fall is here' boys are in school and we are no longer using our pool it is so sad. Cade started all day kindergarten, he is in a spanish immersion program where they teach half day English and half day in Spanish. The first week he loved it. He would ask, do I have "escuela" tommorrow? by the middle of the second week he is wondering how many more days he has to keep going back to school. It is a big adjustment from being at home all summer to being gone from 9am - 3pm. Now, 4 weeks into it he is loving it again, he is very social and is loving all of his new friends. He is a chatter box and loves to tell me all about his day at school, and I love it. Josh is in preschool Tues. and Thurs. afternoons. He is going to a marvelous little preschool in our neighborhood, a few kids from our ward go with Josh. He loves it. He is growing up so fast.

Joshua's first day at school, lil' brother Luke is sending him off.

Josh is excited for Mrs. Dove's class

Cade's First day of Kindergarten!

Boys with grandma after shopping for new school clothes.


Mendy said...

Susie, your boys are so adorable! I hope you are enjoying your quiet afternoons twice a week. I know I look forward to quiet afternoons!

Tracy said...

Looking at Cade is like looking at my Alec! He's so cute! I can't believe they're all in school! Time for more babies so you don't get lonely! I'm so glad that you're blogging again! Keep it up!

Christina said...

wow an UPDATE?!?!? impressed girl!!

oh too cute of the boys--im glad he's back to liking the school again-that'd be SO hard to force the little guy to school everyday!!

The Christiansens said...

I was tempted not to look at yours, but after seeing you last night I figured I would check. Cute pictures. I can't believe I thought Cade was Josh. It is funny how alike they look.

cechols said...

I hope Cade likes school, bet he will love it! They to cute with thier grandma.