Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke is 2 years old! He was born on October 5, 2005. He shares a birthday with his Aunt Amanda and cousin David. I loved having an October baby! He was my easiest delivery. I arrived at the hospital at 6:00pm and Luke was here 3 hours later.
Jason's parents had met us at the hospital to take Cade and Josh home, but everything went so fast that they ended up staying. So Cade and Josh were there minutes after Luke arrived.
We celebrated his birthday last Friday with family and friends. He had a construction truck birthday party. We served subs, chips, veggies, salads, and a dirt cake to put his tractors on. I got the dirt cake recipe from my sister-in-law Rachelle, it is quite tasty and kids love it! Before we could finish singing Happy Birthday, Luke had already blown out a candle. It was his favorite part of the party. He could hardly contain himself!

Luke at 2!
Mamma's Boy
Adores his brothers
Never lacks attention, he can scream louder than his two brothers when he needs something
Loves to say "Mommy where are you?" or "Daddy where are you?" (in his baby talk), it melts our hearts he usually giggles when we reply "Luke, where are you?"
Other favorite sayings, "What?", "Na Na Batman!", "Ceweal" (Cereal) , "Wha, wha" (water), "Dadda", "Mamma" "Pappa", and anything else his older brothers ask him to repeat.
If anyone besides his mom or dad can get Luke to hold him, he will cuddle and give the biggest hugs.
He loves to give everyone kisses goodnight before bed, sometimes even his stuffed animals.
When his brothers are sad or grumpy, he can turn their frowns into smiles in an instant with a silly dance or song.
He has been such a blessing in our home and we love him with all our hearts! Happy Birthday!

Cade and Josh with Mommy and Baby Luke!

First time at Disneyland, 7 months old.


jamietonks said...

He is such a doll. Time goes by so fast. I love to see your adorable family. Keep them coming!

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh! His hair is so long! He's such a big boy! Your cake looks so yummy! You are such a fun mom! Give Lukie a big kiss from me!

cechols said...

He is so cute! I bet he loved all of his presents. well hope you check out our blog we finally updated it!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

what?? an update!??! you have GOT to be better at this girl! make this one of your new years resolutions!!! HELLO!!

he is too cute--happy bday SO LATE to luke!!


You look so good in the hospital when you had Luke. Who would know you just delivered an Abbott baby! I remember coming to see him in the hospital that day, wow how the time flys.