Sunday, August 19, 2007

Christina and Celine Dion Week!

My cousin Christina stayed with us this last week Mon - Wed. It was so great to see her and Jon whom we hadn't seen since the accident. He is looking really good, a lot better than we had expected! It was awesome to visit with him, we were so glad he was able to make it here too! Their 4 girls are all soooo beautiful and all have their own look and personalities! The boys had a great time with them they swam a lot and when they weren't swimming they would put on plays directed by Rachel (Christina's oldest). Which we were all made to sit down and watch. Animals were the theme for the plays this week, and at the end of each play there were individual bows and a group bow, it was really cute. But, the fun did not end there! Jason's cousin Allison, was coming to a Celine Dion concert here in Vegas, and had invited Jason's mom who invited her daughter in laws which 3 of us were able to make it (we missed Tiffany not there). The concert was amazing, her voice it not like anything I have ever heard before. The show consisted of lots of dancers and special effects and had a bit of a cirque de soleil feel to it. ( her show directed by the same guy as "O" at Bellagio.) It was a lot of fun getting together with my mother and sister-in-laws, with no kids and no husbands, we had never done that before, so thank you Allison and Diana for setting up such a memorable evening!


christina said...

WHAT? you got to go to celine! oh im jealous now!! how fun to do that with the inlaws and no kids BONUS!

i love how all your pics are SIDEWAYS! you know my neck already hurts! hahah

ya im excited you updated!!

Andrea said...

A group of my friends went and saw Celine a little over a year ago. I'm not a huge fan, but I agree, it was such a good show! Her voice is for sure unlike any other!

Andrea said...

Okay, after commenting I clicked on your group pic on the bottom. Two of your sister in laws grew up here in my town. I was like, hey, there is Rachelle, wait, there is Mandy too! CRAZY! Mandy was in my class growing up. Too weird!

The Christiansens said...

Cute blog! I don't know how to turn the pics around unless I played with it a little. Isn't bloging fun?! I love it. And the Celine concert, thats awesome. My cousins want to come to see her in December. I will have to tell them the good reviews. here is my blog site: