Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grandpa Abbott

For those of you who have not heard, Jason's father was diagnosed with IBC, (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) on Christmas Eve.  It is a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Unfortunately he is uninsured. There is an auction on my sister-in-laws blog  that will be going on for one more week. All proceeds for the auction will go to the Garth Abbott fund. Today is the last day to post an item to bid. Tuesday Jan. 19 will be the last day to bid. 
There are so many items, it is amazing..... from teeth whitening to tax document services, 
Utah Jazz tickets to a batch of homeade cookies. Even if you do not live in the Las Vegas area
there are items to bid on.Please check it out and tell your friends. 
This has been an emotional roller coaster for all those who know and love Garth. There has been an outpouring  of services, donations, letters of concern, from people everywhere. I know how appreciative he and Diana are for all that has been done for them so far, and for what continues to be done. 
I knew Garth even before I met Jason. He was my Bishop in the University Ward. It is hard to express in words the gratitude I have for having him in my life. The times I sat in his Bishop's office with questions of concerns, he always gave great advice and seemed to say exactly what I needed to hear. I always left feeling uplifted and encouraged.  I was blessed to have him as a Bishop and feel even more blessed to have him as a father-in-law.   My children adore him and look forward to every minute they get to spend with Grandpa Abbott. Thanks for all of your support.
Here is the website for the auction
I also forgot to mention that their will be a garage sale for Garth on morning of February 27th @ Michelle Tanner's home 639 Foxhall Rd, if you have any items let me know.


Rachelle said...

Your post made my cry. . . .I love him so much too and I am so grateful to all the people who are reaching out to help. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I've know you along time and you don't share your feelings very often!

izzynruss said...

I don't know your family, but I have empathy for all you are going through. I understand that money is a big factor in his treatment. My question to you is: where did he grow up? I ask this because many individuals, including numerous members of my family developed cancer and were given "downwinder" monies from the federal government because of their being exposed to radiation from the Nevada test site. The money is 50 thousand. The best way to check into this is to contact the local Ensign or Reid office. They can give you the details...or check into it online.

Lynette said...

Beautiful post Suzanna! I feel the same way about what an inspiration and strength he was as my Bishop. I have to admit that I feel a little jealous that you and Rachelle get to call him your father-in-law:) {not that I don't LOVE mine!!} Garth is amazing, simply put!

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