Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cade was baptized last Saturday.  He has been excited all year. We attended the 8 is great, where the primary presidency prepares the children turning 8 with booklets and talks. He received all of this last January, so he has been ready!
Jason took Cade to his interview with the Bishop. It went really well. Jason said that Cade seemed nervous at first but quickly warmed up as our wonderful Bishop began his interview. Jason said there was a really good spirit in the room and was grateful for the experience he had with Cade that day.
His baptism day was filled with the same spirit. It was such a good day. We had most of our family with us, some traveled up that same day, some came the night before. Cade was really excited for his
 cousins to come share this day with him. We were also able to share this day with our friends the
 Gabaldons, their daughter Ellie was baptised.  They have become our good friends and our neighbors so we were so happy to share this day with them. Cade also had both sets of grandparents there. His grandpa's were able to stand as the witnesses to the baptism. 



What a special day for Cade. He is such a sweet, young man. We're so happy we're all part of the same family. We love you Cade.

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh. Isabel Tessa looks like Cade in a dress! Crazy. Love all the pics. Makes me homesick. Can't wait to see you all again! Cade grew up way too fast!

chanel said...

wow. that sounds so amazing! can you believe you have a child baptized?!? We get to do it next year and it just seems like time has flown! I remember cade as a toddler- he's such a big boy now. These are such great picts. Congratulations!!!