Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture Perfect!

My sweet little girl is almost 3 months old, but when she was 4 weeks old my friend Kristen spent a couple hours taking some beautiful pictures of my angel.  I'm so grateful for the great images she took of my baby.
No she is a little chubbier and has many more rolls.   She's had lots of visitors in her short life,  all of whom adore her!Grandpa Echols kissing his favorite granddaughter.
Mackenize admiring her cutest cousin
Grandma Echols loving the baby smile.
Selena wondering how she can sneak the baby in her suitcase.
Sophia is going to make a great mother.
Julie loving cuddling with the princess.


Tracy said...

Ohhh, she's too cute! You need some pictures of her with her favorite Aunt Tracy!

jamie t. said...

What a beautiful baby! It looks like she is gettin a lot of love and cuddles.

Huber Family said...

She is just darling! Hope you don't mind us stopping by your blog we got it off Rachells. We have one too if you want to stop by it.

chanel said...

so beautiful!
are you just loving having a girl? i can officially say boys are pretty dang fun and cute, but there is just something about hairbows and ruffles and pink that just gets me all excited. :)


She's such a doll. She changes so much, even in the pics. The one with your mom and Isabel with a huge grin is priceless. I'm so glad you're loving having a girl, it's so different, but just keeps getting better.

Ashby Family said...

She is just beautiful! You can tell how much your boys and everyone just love her.