Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Josh turns 6!

These are his cousins that live locally. As you can see he has lots of them!

Josh had a birthday last week that I neglected to post. He turned 6 years old on June 6th! He had a fabulous day. He had been very specific about what he wanted. He wanted his birthday decorations put up before he woke up. He wanted to open presents in the morning, and have a family party in the evening with his cousins. We had suggested taking him out to dinner before his party, he wanted to do that, but he chose to go to Chuck-e-Cheese, we were hoping for something a little less crowded but since it is his birthday we let him choose. So he pretty much got everything he wanted. Jon and Rachelle also took him to Boulder City with their family. They went on a train ride in the afternoon. That was nice since Jason had to work in the morning it made the day go by faster so he wasn't asking every five minutes when it was time for his party to start. He loved the train ride.
Josh had a swim party, which he loves, he is our little fish, but after an hour, he was the first one out to let me know that it was time for the pinata. He knew exactly what he wanted, he was in charge, and kept the party moving right along with cake and ice cream and opening his presents. Before the party I found him clearing off the table after breakfast, I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to make sure the house was clean for the party. I'm glad he was so helpful. Josh had a good day, I'm glad we were able to pull off all of the specifics of his special day. We love you Josh!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! Tell him I'll buy him something when I'm out there if I don't get around to it before then. Can't wait to see him with his glasses!

Mere and Matt said...

Tell your husband thanks for all the help in getting our mini-van. All of his advice was great. Your kids look great! That new baby is a cutie. Hope everything is going well!