Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

I heard Jason's alarm clock going off about 7:00am Sunday morning. I thought he had forgotten that it was Sunday, and hadn't turned it off.   After a few times of listening to him turn it off he went downstairs. When Cade and Josh woke up they came in telling me to not go downstairs. They did this several times. Luke was sleeping next to me, and woke up with the repeated excitement from Josh and Cade.  After awhile they brought me breakfast in bed. It was really nice. I think the kids were more excited than I was (they love surprises).  I was really grateful for jason, waking up early on  a Sunday morning, when we have church at 1:00, big sacrifice! We then had a busy day. We made a point today to visit both of our grandmothers, living on opposite sides of town. My grandmother is turning 95 and Jason's grandmother is about 93.  We went to one before church and then the other after church. We took them watermelons for mother's day, not much else they want but food and visits. We both feel so grateful to have them so close and that our kids are able to get to know their great grandma's. They always make me appreciate everything that I have, our lives are so different then from when they were my age, I can't imagine having to raise children back then. Truly remarkable women! I am grateful for my own mom and mother-in-law and for their examples. Jason's parents came over in the late evening and we had a nice visit with them. It was a wonderful day!


Tracy said...

Oh, Susie, that's such a sweet post! I love that you can see grandma still. She is a great woman. Jason is amazing that he got you breakfast. I guess you should keep him!

Brittany said...

I'm so glad you had a great day! Breakfast in bed is the best!

Chris & Lynette said...

Don't you love surprises? I espescially love how excited your boys were! Too cute.