Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 19th - May 24th

   Cade and Josh in Boulder City.

Monday was a bright and sunny day. It was 105 degrees outside. Rachelle came over after school and we went swimming. The kids had so much fun! Being so hot and just getting
 home from school it was a great way to cool off and get some energy out! In the morning I had taken Josh, Luke, and Waylan to Reese Gornichec's birthday party, which was also a swim
 party. Megan had 27 kids at her house all swimming and running around it was pretty crazy, but a lot of fun! So Josh and Luke had a full day of swimming they were worn out by the evening. Luke actually fell asleep sitting in his chair eating dinner! Cade and Josh couldn't believe he had fallen asleep that way. I put him in bed and he did not wake up until 7:00 the next morning. So nice!! This was about our 5th time getting in the pool this year. But that would be it for the rest of the week, it cooled down almost 30 degrees by Saturday. 
Wednesday I picked up Cade from school then headed straight to the pool store to buy a pool cover. Then  I took the boys to McDonald's. The plan was to take the food to eat at grandma and grandpa Abbott's, but I got talked into letting them eat quickly in the play area and then  headed over to grandma and grandpa's. They have recently put new grass and have their trampoline set up in their backyard the boys had a fun time playing. Since the weather was now only in the mid 70's it was a perfect day to play outside! Then we headed straight to Brandi  Dobbs dance recital, Jason also met us there. Brandi teaches about 20 kids tap and tumbling throughout the week and this was her end of the year recital. Both her girls were in it and so were Shawn and Kim Iverson's daughter Riley. They all did a great job. There were two boys in her group and when they came out and did a baseball tap dance, Cade's eyes lit up. Afterwards I asked him if he would be interested in doing a dance class, he eagerly said yes! I told him to ask his dad. Jason immediately said no!  I think Cade would do a great job and have a lot of fun, he has always loved to dance, oh well, soccer or basketball will have to do for the fall. Pick and choose our battles, right?
By Friday we had rain. It was Rachelle's birthday she had wanted to have a swim party at our house but it turned into an inside party instead. We had cake and ice cream and played catch phrase instead. 
On Saturday morning I woke up early to find it still overcast and drizzling outside. I went out for a run, (which I had not done in a while) but so glad that I did it was so fun to be out in this cool weather. I am in the middle of reading New Moon so all I could think of was Forks and Belle, Edward, Jake, Edward and Edward!!!  I felt like I was in Forks, there was no sun out the clouds were low and since it was drizzling no one was outside. I ran behind where there is a lot of desert and custom homes and to my right up on a hill Lance Burton (a magician here in  Vegas) has  a black house that he made into look like a castle. I imagined vampires living there. It is definitely to dark to be a Cullen house it would be more a house that Victoria would stay in or other evil vampires. That made me run a little faster! After my run we took the boys on a  walk, but it only lasted a few minutes because we found a garage sale up the street that had a ton of toys and clothes for the boys. I love garage sales!  Then we headed with Jon and Rachelle to Boulder City to ride their horse. This was our first time going out there and the boys first time on a horse. They were so excited! The horse is so pretty her name is Velvet. Rachelle has been riding horses since she was a little girl, she made it look so easy. We all  got a turn to ride it was a little scary for me I have only ridden a horse two other times many years ago. The 
boys were a little nervous at first to but once they were on and the horse was going they couldn't get enough. When Luke first got on all he could say was "Too big!" Too big, mommy!", but he was fine after the horse was walking. I was surprised at how well all of Jon and Rachelle's kids could ride, even Colt who is 3 could ride the horse. It was a fun morning. For the afternoon we got a  sitter and Jason and I went out to lunch and went to see Indiana Jones with Jason's parents. It turned out to be an eventful and fun Saturday! Jason was supposed to go into work on Saturday, so glad he did not have to go in after all.
Cade and Josh with their cowboy cousins, Wayan, Wyatt, and Colt. After horse riding Josh says he wants to be a cowboy now too.
Colt 3 yrs old riding his horse Velvet.

Jason and me!


Anonymous said...
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Tracy said...

Oh, tell Jason to let Cade take dance class! He would look so cute in his tights! So glad you are in love with Edward too. You still need to get a shirt. What a fun day you had. You look scared on your horse. So glad you didn't get hurt.


Hey Gayson and Suzy!
Good post, like the pictures. We'll have to all go back out there and do another photo shoot, seeing that everyone went without us! ha jk! Tell Jason he's a loser! and Cade that I saw him kissing chopper! PEACE OUT ~ King Luke the First!!

jamietonks said...

You've been busy. That is great though and nice to have so many fun things to do. You're boys are getting so big.

Ben said...

Hey, good to hear from you. And you have a little Luke too. Looks like you guys are having fun. Our email is Hope you all are doing well. Ben & Tanya Purcell

The Morris Fam said...

What great pictures. Justin has been aching to ride a horse!