Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Festivities!

Well, so far October has been a busy month. But, one of my favorite times of year. We celebrated Jada and Luke's birthday with family on October 7th. On Luke's birthday we took him, Colt, Cade and Josh out of school early. The boy's blindfolded Luke, and we went to King Putt's, and played Laser Tag, and also played many games to win tickets to pick out a prizes! We had the place to ourselves, the boys had a blast! Luke said it was the best birthday ever! I am so glad, because he was bummed he did not get to have a friend party. Luke is still at a fun age where he gets excited about everything. He loves playing with friends and his brothers. Whenever we can't find Luke, we look in the front yard and he is either shooting hoops or riding his bike. He loves to be outside and playing catch with his dad. Oh, and he is also amazing at Mario Cart and Bowling on the Wii. I played him in bowling the other day and he bowled 4 strikes in a row! We love you Luke!

 We also had a fun day on Jada's birthday! She was happy to see her brother Josh play in his Flag Football game and then we took her to McDonald's for dinner. She loves to follow her sister everywhere. She is the best climber, her favorite climbing spots are the kitchen table and the pantry! She still does not say much, but she can make herself heard through high pitch screams, and pulling my hand to where she wants to go. Her curls are adorable and I have yet to trim her hair. Everyone in the house adores Little Miss Jada!

I also took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch, they loved the rides and all of the pumpkins. They were a little nervous going down the big slide, so they had a little help from one of the workers. It was pretty funny seeing them going down the slide with him!



Welcome back ;) Great pics Susana. The kids are getting so big, we don't get together enough.

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