Thursday, November 19, 2009


Luke's preschool class, he decided to be Mr. Incredible instead of batman......with his cowboy hat!

I thought I better post some pics of Halloween before Thanksgiving arrives! The kids had a fun October they were able to wear there costumes at their cousin Niamhs birthday party and then again on Halloween night and of course around the house several times. Cade and Josh were Duke and Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. Luke was batman, and Isabel was a little ladybug. We loved to sing to her "She's a lady whoa oh, oh, she's a lady" from the boys bugs play at school. She was soooo good she sat in her carrier so happy to walk around the neighborhood as the boys went trick-or-treating with cousins Gavin and Tyrone. Jason had to work all day but arrived home just in time to come out with us!  After trick-or-treating Jason's family came over for dinner... lot's of fun!


Lynette said...

Cute pics! hey did you get my email about your pictures? They are all done. Go to to see a sneak peak and then email for your info to get into your online gallery.

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

So, you left out the part about singing "Home Means Nevada."

Tracy said...

Jason looks great! He makes a great Mexican. My little girl looks adorable! Bring that little lady bug here to visit me!
You look great, by the way!

chanel said...

very cute!!!!!!