Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 week old!

I meant to post these pics last Tuesday when she was one week, but here they are now. She has had a good first  couple of weeks. I pretty much hold her all day and she sleeps much better when she is with me, so she sleeps with me too. Jason says she looks like an extra attachment on me. Although the boys have been a great help, Josh has fed her a bottle, Cade holds her when there is something that I need to do, they adore her and even on occasion I have heard them call her little princess. She is pretty spoiled already!  Cade and Josh have been out of school these past three weeks, it has been nice having them home. Jason was able to take them to a father and sons camp out last Friday night with our ward. So the baby and I had a night to ourselves. It was a quiet evening. The boys had a great time with their dad, grandpa and cousins. 


Tracy said...

First of all, does she have a name? Second, you know mom hates those bands on the baby's heads -- they're too tight and the baby can't tell you it's uncomfortable, so you better take it off when mom sees her.
But she is beautiful!!! And I know she's going to be totally spoiled, but I guess you can deal with it when she's 16. Can't wait to hold her all day while you take care of my kids this summer!

i said...

she is soooooo precious! so happy for you!

Lesley said...

She is cute! Did you decide on a name?

chanel said...

congratulations!!!!! she is adorable!! how lucky is she to have THREE big brothers!!! you can tell everyone is smitten. and i swear holding and sleeping with your newborn 24/7 is just the best feeling ever!! you just enjoy these precious first days, they grow soooooo fast!
and what is her name???
many many blessings to you & your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I stumbled upon your blog site and am so glad. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! She will be well protected with daddy and 3 older brothers. She has such long pretty fingers; you may have a pianist in the house. (lol) I'm glad all went well and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Nikki Kennington