Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up!

First Day of School
Okay so it has been a few months, and since sooooo much happens in the fall i need to go back to their first day of school at the end of August.
Cade and Josh were both so excited. Especially Josh! I was not nearly as nervous as last year, since I knew what to expect and had already been through it once with Cade. And Cade had told Josh everything he needed to know about kindergarten. It was also his cousin's Waylan's first day of kindergarten so he was happy about that too. The first day went great it, was the first few days after Josh asked, " I have to go again?" I guess he thought it was a one day deal or something. After a few weeks of adjusting to all day kindergarten, he is doing great!
Cade was also hesitant after a few days because many of his friends from kindergarten were in a different track from him. We switched from being on track 5 to track 2! But, now he has made new friends and is doing great!
Luke also began preschool! It is one a few moms started. The kids rotate once a week to the different houses for a couple of hours of learning and fun. It has been great and something he looks forward to every week.


Tracy said...

I'm very impressed with your cute blog! I love the pictures of your rotton boys! They are so cute. I hope one of your New Year's resolutions is to keep up on blogging! Miss you!


Welcome back!!! Hey, don't you have some more news to update us all on :)

cechols said...

You are going to get caught up just in time to get behind when the baby comes!!! But we will take anything we can get (I know, look who's talking!) You may also have to try Facebook, that's what I've been doing!