Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Iverson, Dobbs, Abbott Weekend Cabin Trip!

Luke, Teja, Riley, Kyle, Josh, Dakota, Cade and Roxy last pic before we have to leave!

Cade riding Dakota's little four wheeler. I was a little nervous. Jason only had to help him a couple of times before he was off riding on his own. He loved it, that is all he asked to do most of the weekend.

We arrived home on Sunday night from our weekend trip to the cabin.  We drove Friday morning about 6:30am and followed the Iverson's. We stopped and ate at a great pizza place in Cedar City. We bought groceries, I had to run to Payless, and pick up shoes for Luke, since I put him in the car with no shoes on and didn't notice until we were almost to Utah. Then we headed up the mountain to Cedar Breaks. This is our third trip with  Shawn and Kim, we appreciate them always inviting us. We had a great time. Brady and Brandi met us up there on Saturday afternoon. Between all of us we had 9 kids with us! Bed time was fun, we put half of them on the air mattress and the other half on a futon. They loved it! There cabin is located in a beautiful Valley. We took walks to the creek, 4 wheeled, fished, and had a lot of yummy food. We stayed up late playing games after the kids went to sleep. It was fun getting together with good friends!

Me and Kim!   Jason helping  Josh! Josh also took a few rides without any help he was a bit more scary to watch he wasn't as smooth as Cade, and he is only 5, you have to be six to drive one. But he also did great, i was surprised at how fast they picked up on maneuvering those things!

                                                               Cade and Dakota

Some of the kids on the back of Shawn's Rhino! They had a blast going on rides in that.


Tracy said...

Holy cow! I can't believe you let your little baby ride that bike! Mom would totally not like that. So glad you're having so much fun on all of your vacations! You look great.

chanel said...

How FUN! It is so great to hear about all you guys! And see THE KIDS! Man its crazy how they grow up! Sounds like a very nice trip- friends are the BEST!!!

And that was a funny story about the shoes, we've done that before, arriving at Disneyland shoeless!

lindsay said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I can't believe all those kids, I am sure bedtime was quite an ordeal! I am glad you guys are back (for a while, at least!) Riley has missed Josh!!!

Craig Family said...

Susanna, I found your blog! Come visit me at my blog. Miss you! You are a wonderful friend. -Courtney